Symposiums on Student Safety 

November 2, 2017: Yakima, WA (ESD 105) | Register today

November 30, 2017: Lexington, SC Registration open soon

March 2018: King of Prussia, PA
Registration open soon

March 2018: Nashville
Registration open soon

Why Host a Symposium?Why Attend a Symposium?Hear what attendees have to say

I was worried this would be a vendor-dominated event–more like a sales pitch than anything helpful–but the Symposium was great!"

The symposium was all about the exchange of ideas and information to make sure we're doing everything possible to keep our children safe."

The symposium was a good opportunity for us to bring together people from several different teams, get them to hear some of the same messages, and start some of the common conversations at our school district."

Engage in strategic and tactical discussions, learn more about keeping students safe and enjoy plenty of networking opportunities.

Who should attend:

• Superintendents
• Assistant/Deputy Superintendents
• Chief Operations Officers
• Chief Communications Officers
• Chief Technology Officers
• Safety and Security Directors
• School Police Chiefs

Symposiums on Student Safety are free for school and district administrators, cabinet members and other educators responsible for student safety. Speakers include Common Sense Education, school administrators, attorneys, representatives from law enforcement and others.

Choose a location near you:

Atlanta, Austin, Baton Rouge, Birmingham (AL), Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Edison (NJ), Hartford, Lancaster (PA), Los Angeles, Madison, Omaha, Phoenix, Renton (WA), Santa Clara and Riverside (CA).

Past locations: